Patriots News · Old Mill Unified Bocce Team Qualifies for States

The Old Mill Unified Bocce Team competed in the Anne Arundel County Bocce Championships on Tuesday, May 1st at Southern High School.  Congratulations to Bronze Medal winners, OMHS Team #1 The Flicks, (E.J., Jalen, Lexi, Donovan, Tasia, Jaici, Celina, Jada), for making it to the State Finals at Washington College. The State Tournament will be on Tuesday May 22nd.

We will celebrate tomorrow at our scrimmage versus JV Girl’s lacrosse from 2:30pm-5:00pm.

The Coaches and I are so proud of all 4 teams for showing such grit, determination and perseverance, whilst competing against some very stiff competition, over the course of the past weeks!

 The Flicks: Team 1:   Bronze Medals

Tasia Graves (P)

Jalen Wyatt (A)

Jaici Goldberg (P)

Erik Dunton (A)

Jada Lardizabal (P)

Alexis Nisewaner (A)

Celina Owens (P)

Donovan Wyatt (A)


The Dream Team: Team 2:   5th place

Linda Redd (P)

Chad Brooks (A)

Laura Saunders (P)

Kojo Yirenkyi (A)

McKenzie Turpin (P)

Alex Caldwell (A)

Wyatt Kelly (P)

Anthony Caprio (A)


The Bocce Ballerz: Team 3:  4th place

Paige Martin (P)

Kourtney Rivers (A)

Alyssa Long (P)

Ashli Ramadan (A)

Anthony Liberatori (P)

Xander Skidds (A)

Julia Bagnell (P)

Andrew Swartz (A)


 The Super Seven: Team 4: Bronze Medals

Nicole Miller (P)

Charlee Beaty (A)

Marcel Trotmen (P)

Tanika Hunt (A)

Chase Matthews (P)

Carter Evans (A)

James Banks (A)