2019 – 2020 Old Mill Booster Membership Form

Please support Old Mill High School Athletics!


2019-2020 School Year Membership


Your 2019 – 2020 Athletic Boosters Membership provides: New equipment for every sport at Old Mill, from footballs to baseball bats, lacrosse helmets to stop watches, soccer balls to tennis balls, gym floors refinished, scoreboards, uniforms and everything in-between. Your donation and your valuable time will change your child’s athletic experience at Old Mill High School!


In order to directly support each team in proportion to their parental support of Boosters, Boosters is giving back a fraction of each team’s membership based on the following criteria:

For teams achieving 100% jointure, Boosters will return 50% of the membership fee directly to the team.

For teams achieving 80% jointure, Boosters will return 40% of the membership fee directly to the team.

For teams achieving 75% jointure, Boosters will return 30% of the membership fee directly to the team.

For teams achieving 50% jointure, Boosters will return 25% of the membership fee directly to the team.


REVISED REQUIREMENTS for Scholarships: Each year Boosters awards six- $500 scholarships to student athletes whose parents are current Boosters members.  The application process involves a minimal GPA requirement, a short essay & completion of the application. In their senior year, the student must play a sport and a parent must be a member of the Athletic Boosters to qualify. For each year you are a member ($20), your student will receive 1 entry.  If your family has are a two memberships ($40), your student will receive 2 entries.

(Ex: freshman year – $20 single membership = 1 entry, sophomore year – $40 two family membership = 2 entries, junior year $40 two family membership = 2 entries and senior year – $20 single membership = 1 entry. This athlete will have 6 entries towards the scholarship).

______$20 Individual (One Person) Athletic Boosters Membership


______$40 TWO Athletic Boosters Memberships [i.e. both parents of an athlete(s)]. 


            CHECK (payable to Old Mill High School Athletic Boosters) is the preferred means of payment.

** Members can also join when they register their athlete on Family ID


PARENT/Guardian NAME 1)________________________________2)_________________________________


PHONE (home) ______________________________      (cell) _______________________________________


EMAIL _________________________________________________________________


STUDENT NAME                      SPORTS PLAYED                                                        GRADE


________________________     ____________________________________                   _______


________________________     ____________________________________                   _______


________________________     ____________________________________                   _______           

Payment by check is preferred, Please make checks payable to Old Mill High School Athletic Boosters.  Cash payment ONLY if giving payment and form directly to team liaison or board member. This is the only way to insure that your payment & form are received.


For sports information, go to www.oldmillathletics.com


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