Patriots News · Statement on the current state of AACPS Athletics.

AACPS Winter Plan

Updated December 2, 2020

AACPS Athletics staff and athletic directors from all high schools continue to meet regularly to evaluate our current situation and discuss paths forward throughout this unique and challenging school year.  Using local COVID 19 metrics as the driving factor, we collaborate with and take direction from school system and health department staff on the type/level of athletic engagement AACPS will partake in throughout the pandemic.  This same approach is occurring within each county in Maryland.  Athletic leadership staff from each county meets regularly as well, to collaborate and share status reports across the state.  Flexibility has been and will continue to be an important part of what we do and what we ask of our coaches and student-athletes, not only in Anne Arundel County, but across Maryland and the nation.

While starting a sports season virtually is far from ideal, we believe AACPS Athletics should engage student-athletes during this time.  We feel the connection between a coach and their student-athletes is critically important (now more than ever) and we will continue to honor and support that connection through these difficult times.  With that in mind, we plan to utilize the entire 10-week period for winter sports that runs from December 7th through February 13th.  In the event we can transition to on-campus, in-person activity (whether outdoors or indoors), we will do so following protocols from our previously approved and utilized out-of-season program (with modifications as necessary).  AACPS Athletics will utilize this 10-week time frame to value relationships with student-athletes and continue the positive influence we have on their lives.

Click here to see the entire Winter Sports Plan provided by AACPS Athletics staff, which includes survey data points, key points of emphasis, and a snapshot of the upcoming weeks.