Patriots News · McCormick Resigns After 17 Years with Football Program

Dear Old Mill Patriots Football Community,

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to resign as head football coach of Old Mill High School. I have been blessed and honored to serve as the head football coach at Old Mill for the past 10 seasons and to be part of the football program for the past 17 years. In taking over the program, I believe our team has accomplished its goals as being an extremely competitive team that is well respected by both Anne Arundel County and the state of Maryland.

I want to thank our current administration and past administrations that I have worked with for their continued support of our student athletes. I have also been fortunate to work with the following athletic directors: Bruce Lawton, Craig White, Jeff Martin, and Heather Arnold. The support of our school system has been a large factor in our program’s success.

I was able to develop a strong foundation as a football coach by working for extremely dedicated head varsity coaches in my first 7 years at Old Mill. I want to thank Mike Marcus for hiring me as the JV Head Football Coach in 2004. I want to thank Damian Ferragamo for promoting me to his varsity staff in 2006. I have had the opportunity to coach with many great football coaches at Old Mill who have sacrificed their time and made an all-in commitment to the Old Mill Football program. Words cannot express the appreciation I have for the many assistant coaches I have had on my coaching staff. Special thanks to Craig Eckenrod, Mike Pfisterer Sr. and Jim Grim who have been part of my staff since taking over as head coach in 2011.

A football program and coaches can only be as successful as the athletes that participate in the program. A great football program requires a huge commitment from the athletes. I am so appreciative of the commitment that the Old Mill Football players have given to the program. The game of football has helped so many of our athletes to develop great character and to be positive citizens and role models of the Old Mill community. Many of our players have had the opportunity to take their abilities onto the collegiate level.

I want to thank the families of our Old Mill football players as they have also been committed to the requirements of our program. A special thanks to all our parents and team moms that have helped with fundraising, team support and team meals for our athletes.

Finally, I want to thank my family and friends who have always supported me and the teams I have coached. Thank you to my Mom, Dad, and brothers. Thank you to my wife and two sons for the understanding, patience and support they have had while I have been committed to my football coaching responsibilities. To run a football program properly as a head coach involves an incredible time commitment. I can no longer make that time commitment as I will be dedicating that time to my family. I look forward to watching the continued success of the Old Mill Football Program.

GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chad McCormick